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We make every effort to ensure each required textbook is in stock at the beginning of each semester. We carry used textbooks, when possible, and conduct our book buyback at the end of each semester, always during final exams. We post the dates and times of each buyback on our Facebook page and around campus, please watch for signs. The times are set by the book company conducting the buyback, so no exceptions.

The last day to receive a textbook refund for the current semester is printed on the bottom of your receipt given to you at time of purchase. Please keep your receipts as you will need them if you would like a refund and for filing taxes.

We begin sending books back not being used the following semester quickly. Please do not procrastinate about buying the books you need.
We carry the supplies you need for class, including but not limited to, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, book bags, flash drives, calculators, index cards and Scantron forms.

We carry a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, including name brands, such as Under Armour and Nike. Our selection of clothing includes short and long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, crew sweatshirts, jackets, shorts, sweatpants and caps.

Our memorabilia merchandise includes keychains, cups, Tervis tumblers, ornaments, window clings and license plates.

Our merchandise is non-refundable and our refund policy is posted in each semester schedule.
Financial Aid
We accept financial aid as payment at the bookstore. According to what type of aid you have depends on what you may purchase with that aid. Absolutely no clothing, food or memorabilia items can be put on any type of financial aid under any circumstances.

Pell grants and student loans cover all textbooks, novels and school supplies. Any additional money not used for tuition and fees and bookstore charges will be mailed to you, please contact Lion Central for more information. The first day to charge to Pell grants and student loans are a few weeks prior to classes starting, please watch for postings of specific dates each semester.

All other financial aids are on an individual basis, typically only covering required textbooks. Please contact the bookstore or Lion Central for more information.